Enhancing this Site

Since launching the “Between the Pond and the Woods” website last October, I’ve tried to offer people resources they can use to provide better care — and to ease the burdens often carried by caregivers. I’m a writer by profession so I’m always happy when my articles resonate with others. But I’m very happy that many readers have also enjoyed the original photos I’ve published here.

Photography is not my field, but Pocono scenery makes it easy to take great pictures. My first camera was not very good, but I found that if I took many, many photos, I was almost guaranteed to get one beauty.  The second camera I bought offered the advantage of a zoom lens to get close-ups of the wildlife in our area. To make it easier to share the photos that appear here, I just added something else to the site. Every page has a Pinterest button on the bottom. If a photo strikes your fancy, you can add it to a Pinterest board of your own. Most caregivers are totally overwhelmed with responsibility and may not have the time for activities like Pinterest. But I know there are some readers who use social network sites like Pinterest and Facebook as a form of relaxation. These sites make it easy to connect with others who are far away. No matter how busy your days may be, never underestimate the importance of maintaining your social connections. Current research says that relationships (at least the good ones) improve our health and reduce the stress of the work we do.

I’m always trying to maximize the number of readers who visit here and get support from caregivers on the Facebook page for this site. To meet this goal, I’ve just submitted “Between the Pond and the Woods” to Technorati for inclusion in their directory. In order to add the site to their list, they must find the code listed below within a published post. I hope they decide they like what they see.


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