Writing and Readers

This week I’m writing to thank readers for their many visits to the Between the Pond and the Woods  website. Thank you for reading and sharing these stories with other caregivers and Facebook friends. The site shows that over 26,000 visits have been logged. Subtracting all the hits from Internet spammers, it’s still an event worth celebrating.


I’m grateful that so many of you take the time to read these pieces. But I feel an even bigger debt to those of you who have posted comments about your personal struggles as caregivers. I’ve heard from people in every part of this enormous country and also from some who live in other nations. We know that dementia is a disease with no boundaries and the number of caregivers will rise dramatically in coming years. Over time, I’ve thought a lot about the philosophy that guides my writing. After 26,000 web hits, it’s probably time to offer some sort of mission statement.

Here is what I’ve come up with: “I write to share ideas about how to reduce caregiver stress — and to highlight the fleeting moments of insight and love that occur while caring for someone with dementia.”

Too wordy? Maybe, but it gets at a whole range of feelings that seem important to me. Thank you for your many comments and all that you’ve shared here. Tell me more!


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