Who’s Crazy Now?

In case you didn’t know, today’s an annual day of leisure. This winter has taken a toll on everyone around me. We’ve done emergency trips to the pharmacy in between snow storms to pick up supplies for Mom; we’ve raced to the market to stock the fridge. We shovel, dig out cars, nurse our aching muscles. But today, we have only one task: Catch the wild spirit of the 2014 Polar Bear Plunge!


Every year we see some great costumes. This year my boyfriend observed that we had a lot more bikinis. (I wonder why he noticed that?) The prettiest of the jumpers was the pink flamingo pictured below.


We searched but could not find the guy with the giant tattoos who jumped in four or five times last year. But we did identify one Plunge fanatic who made three jumps today in nothing but a blue Speedo. It’s the kind of event that brings out the crazy in everyone. Take a break and have a Happy Plunge Day!


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