Making Sense of Alzheimer’s — A New Online Resource

Americans crave independence. The concept colors our sense of history and our visions of the future. But people with dementia — and their families — often find their independence thwarted by the disease. In time for 4th of July, the Penn Memory Center has launched  a new website with videos, music, and stories that may aid families bewildered by dementia.


Working with the team developing this site has been a great privilege for me. I’m grateful that they decided to publish a piece I wrote about mediation and its benefits for caregivers. I hope you’ll take a look at the article called “The Struggle for Peace of Mind.” It also features one of my favorite photos of my mom.  

Since the Making Sense of Alzheimer’s site is still in development, I would love to hear any reactions (good or bad!) to the various videos, radio pieces, and stories now online. Please send suggestions about items you’d find helpful, informative, or entertaining as you face the daily challenges of dealing with dementia.

While you take a look at what’s offered, I’m also sending out a wish that your Independence Day experience brings you fireworks, friendship, and new sources of needed strength.

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