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Many posts are inspired by the wonderful fishing ponds that add to the natural beauty of Carbon County. The woods have been generously provided by the great State of Pennsylvania.

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  1. Hey – beautiful writing about this process. As you know, we have been on a similar journey with my Mom. Wish we were closer physically and could go take this path together…but maybe we can do some of it virtually. A couple of things I wanted to note on your post today…when you are visiting nursing homes and other care facilities, ask the other residents if they have left any other places and if so, why. And, for folks with dementia (Mom had dementia for some months as a consequence of her health issues) some facilities have a staffing pattern that does not include rotating staff between and among wings or ‘houses’. Like a good high school, it is easier for staff and our parents to get to know a small group of people who care for them (and us) routinely at night or during the day. It can help them to stay oriented, and certainly is a benefit because they get to know our parents and provide higher quality care as a result. Much love to you and your Mom and so much respect for the good, hard choice you have made.

  2. Hi Colleen,

    Glad to hear your mom is doing better since receiving the dx. You might want to suggest that she join my FTD Patient Support Group on Facebook. It’s private and no posting goes outside. I’m building a comfortable community for people with FTD to go. Your welcome to help her if she needs it.

    I’m fine interviewing whenever you’d like. you can contact me at my email; and I’ll send you my phone.


    • Thanks for the information and the invitation, Howard. I will be in touch with you to set up an interview. Unfortunately, my mom is past the point of being able to manage on online conversation. She can’t read now and it’s not easy for her to carry on a conversation with a stranger. She’s most comfortable with the people in her day program and those she’s known for a long time. Maybe we could try to do a SKYPE with her if you want. Eye contact makes a big difference. She is still pretty funny and you might enjoy talking with her. P.S. We will be in New York on Monday and Tuesday of next week. I’m taking her to see the tree at 30 Rock. Should we try to meet?

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